The care, trust, and well-being of your patients is as important to us as it is to you.

Do you have a patient with a wound?

By referring your patients to us, you are entrusting them to a team committed to their wellbeing and healing. We pride ourselves on delivering personalized, compassionate care, and we are eager to work hand in hand with you to achieve the best possible outcomes for your patients.

Comprehensive Treatment
We incorporate a comprehensive treatment plan for each individual patient’s plan of care. Understanding all underlying co-morbidities is essential to ensuring wounds heal in a timely and cost-efficient manner. We work with the referring partner to ensure the best plan of care.


Effective Communication
Communication is essential for maintaining continuity of care. Throughout our care plan, we prioritize transparent communication, involving the referral source, primary care, the patient, and any other physicians or agencies, to ensure a streamlined and efficient healing process.

Multidisciplinary Approach
Multidisciplinary approach includes our team working with primary care doctors, general surgeons, and vascular physicians collaborating on the common goal of healing all patients’ wound. We understand the importance of everyone’s role in providing wound care.


We specialize in addressing complex or chronic wounds, collaborating closely with specialized healthcare providers to deliver optimal care. Together, we tailor treatments to meet patients' unique wound-related needs, ensuring personalized and targeted solutions.

Join us in prioritizing their health and comfort. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We cover the entire state of Mississippi and have providers throughout Tennessee, Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, and Florida. Our coverage is tailored to meet the unique needs of referrals. When we observe a higher volume of referrals in a specific area, we respond by expanding our team to meet the demands of our referral sources. Our commitment is to find solutions, and if for any reason we are unable to cover a particular area, our intake team will communicate this transparently during the referral process. On the flip side, if we are actively marketing in that area, we are ready and willing to take on patients.

No. We are not a duplication of service with our home health partners. We bill as a provider the same way it would be if a patient were receiving care from one of our providers at an outpatient wound care center.

We take all major insurances. Some insurances may require prior authorization, but we will notify you and the patient if that is requested.

Our providers directly fax their orders to your office within 24 hours of seeing the patient. We also give your branch access to our system where your team can view our provider's orders and notes.

We typically see the same patient around the same time each week. For example, if we are scheduled to see a patient on a Tuesday, we will keep that patient on the same schedule each Tuesday until their wound heals or progresses to be seen every other week.

This not only alleviates the burden on staff and transportation but also safeguards patients from unnecessary transfers that can potentially lead to pressure injuries and exacerbate wounds.

We do not order wound care supplies for the patient; however, we do put in our order set for the most cost-efficient supplies and use what is on the home health agency's formulary.

If you do not have a home health agency, we can help get your supplies ordered for you, or if you need home health we can help set that up as well.

Everything we do to treat wounds in our outpatient wound care clinic, we can do in the home. We utilize cutting-edge treatments and technologies, from biologics to the latest in wound dressings, ensuring faster healing times and improved patient outcomes.

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