Why WMS?

At Wound Management Specialists, we pride ourselves on providing wound care in every setting. Whether our patients are in a hospital, at home, or anywhere in between, our priority is to meet them where they are. Our certified wound care providers bring their expertise directly to the patient, allowing us to extend our services and meet the needs of thousands of individuals each year. 









Our mission is clear: to deliver specialized wound care to patients across diverse settings, ensuring that healing is accessible to all who need it. 

Our journey began in Mississippi, where our commitment to exceptional care quickly earned us a reputation that paved the way for expansion into neighboring states such as Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas. From our roots in Mississippi, we have grown into a provider-based organization that spans across regions, bringing our expertise to those who require specialized wound care. 

Our team is the backbone of our success, comprised of certified wound care providers and a board of leaders with a rich blend of experience. This includes direct patient care, provider management, clinical education, business development, and revenue cycle expertise. Together, we form a dedicated unit committed to the well-being of our patients. 

At Wound Management Specialists, we are not just a wound care company; we are pioneers in advanced wound management, dedicated to providing innovative healthcare solutions. 


Hospital Inpatient Departments

Hospital Inpatient

Outpatient Care

Hospital Outpatient

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In-Home Care

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Long-Term Acute Care

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Nursing Homes

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Private Office

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Hospital Rehab Facilities

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